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Aynur Doğan

"Aynur's extraordinary voice, carrying in it the smoky mountains, the gushing rivers, and the heavenly scent of the earth, is as moving as nature itself."
-Tülay German

Aynur was born in Dersim / East Turkey.  She released her debut album “Keça Kurdan (2004)”  She then came up with collaborations with famous musicians and bands like YO-YO MA and Silk Road Ensemble,   Kayhan Kalhor, Javier Limon, Kinan Azmeh, Mercan Dede, Cemil Qocgiri,  Morgenland All Star Band, Mercan Dede, Nerderland Blazers Ensemble, Sertab Erener, Kardes Türküler, Mikail Aslan Orient Expressions both on their albums and also on their live performances. Meanwhile she recorded some songs for soundtracks of famous television series and movies. Her vocal style and her albums are being praised not just in Turkish media but also in international media. She is one of the best sellers with her albums among Kurdish folk albums.  

She also appeared as the cover issue of the famous music magazine Folk Roots (fRoots) in UK in 2004.She appeared as the cover star of the special issue of one of the best selling papers of UK, The London Times’ supplement on March 21st in 2005 with the special articles focusing on Turkey’s culture and diversities”. She not only appeared in several papers and magazines but also appeared on several television and radio shows as a guest star throughout Europe. Aynur , also appeared in Fatih Akın’s documentary movie “İstanbul Hatırası / Köprüyü Geçmek-Crossing the bridges” as a singer. After her part in famous movies , she took more attention from international media and she performed in so many international  festivals. After joining worldwide famous “world music exposition” WOMEX in 2006 in the city of Seville in Spain, she started touring all around the world visiting so many countries like Ireland, Singapore, Brasil, U.S, Canada, Portugal, Spain, Canary islands, Germany, Italy, France, Tunusia, Slovenia, Serbia, Switzerland, Belgium, Netherlands, Finland, Sweden and Greece…

She also performed at Küstendorf Film and Music Festival in Serbia which was organized by famous director Emir Kusturica in January 2010. She was highly praised again with her performance at this festival and among the audience of the festival , there were worldwide famous actors and directors also.

  After two years of production her album “Rewend” was released by Sony Music in 2010 and  famous director Fatih Akın shot her first video for this album for the title song “Rewend” in Hasankeyf.  Now Aynur’s latest release “HEVRA/ Together” comes up with her great collaboration with the famous Spanish producer, songwriter and guitarist JAVIER LIMON who’s also known for his work with world music superstars like Buika, Yasmin Levy and Mariza 5 times Latin Grammy winner acclaimed Spanish producer in world music scene, JAVIER LIMON and Aynur are so smooth with the synthesis of flamenco and Kurdish music crossing the limits. “HEVRA” combines all the colors of East and West in a common musical expression.

She is a reason to love live music for centuries"  Javier Limón